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BEI helps kids learn through the pandemic

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We are one year from the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Even though it has changed the way we do things, BajaEd has continued to move forward with helping the children in Baja Mexico get an education.

Because schools in Mexico have gone virtual, the BEI Center with computers, printers, and free Wi-Fi has been very helpful to the students.

In this issue of the newsletter, we will share the following:

We celebrate with you the graduation of a BEI student from college.

We have new staff! At the beginning of 2021, we hired Jannette Guevara as an Assistant Field Coordinator to work alongside our Field Coordinator, Gabby Smith. Our previous Field Coordinator, Laura Baez, has gone to work full time with our sister organization, Baja Bound Ministries.

We are also beginning to learn more about the lives of the children we sponsor. We recently had a successful high school/college age gathering at the BEI Center. Also, we had tea for the mothers of our students so we could get to know them better and become more aware of their needs.

Finally, with all the opportunities we have to help the children and their f

amilies in Maneadero, we will share some goals we have for 2021.

We thank you for your interest in BEI.

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