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What We Do?

Our Goal:

Break the cycle of poverty by providing education scholarships to children who would otherwise drop out.

Our Work

To date, we have been able to provide more than 100 children an opportunity to stay in school with the help of BajaEd Scholarships. We provide basic tuition and the necessities to stay in school. 

Our Success

We are delighted to see our students embrace opportunity and succeed. Our board member, Dr. Karla Carmona, was a BajaEd student who dreamed of being a doctor. She is now a practicing doctor in the community she grew up in. 

How we do it?

We can only do this work through the generosity of people like you! We are 100% percent dependent on donations to create opportunities for our students to pursue their dreams, rather than drop out and work in the fields, or other low paying, labor-intensive jobs, to support their families. 

It really works!

Many kids are waiting for the opportunity! Don't miss the chance to change a child's life with just a little commitment each month! 

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