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Broken Rib Coffee


We are very excited about the future of Broken Rib Coffee and the future of children whose lives will be forever changed through education. As you may have read in our previous newsletter, Broken Rib Coffee is a joint venture between Baja Ed and our sister organization, Baja Bound Ministries, through which we hope to make both organizations self-sustaining while bettering the lives of the coffee farmers in Chiapas and contributing to the education of their children as well.

We are delighted to share with you that we have already paid for six pallets of coffee beans.

Our coffee is already in the warehouse while the coffee sacks are printing and the USDA paperwork is in process.

We are prepared to receive 4.14 tons of coffee from Las Brisas, a tiny town near Jaltenango de la Paz in Chiapas, Mexico, in about three weeks.

We are convinced that Broken Rib Coffee will be a factor of change for the better for México in terms of not only giving scholarships to more students, but building more houses for the community of Maneadero, and supporting not only small coffee farms, but also orphans in Chiapas. It is said that “A rising tide lifts all boats;” we’re hopeful and motivated to see the lives of many people improved through Broken Rib Coffee. We can’t wait for you to try a cup!

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