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BEI Center update

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

February began with an event for our university and high school students. We had the participation of Sharon Lee, who told us about the culture of Malaysia and shared with us delicious traditional food from her country. The students enjoyed it and we were able to enjoy some time with them and get to know them better. The second week of the month, we invited the mothers of our students to join us for tea. It was just as amazing; we had quality time where we could hear the challenges that their families are facing. They told us about their experiences with online school and how BEI has been a blessing for their lives. They have dreams for their children’s future and we believe that working together is the best way. We want to create a community!

If you would like to join this dream of breaking the cycle of poverty through education, click here to see different needs for the BEI center or go to the website and on your donation comments you can specify that is for the Center.

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