Introducing Jannette!

Updated: May 10

Welcome Janette to the BajaEd Field Staff!

We are very excited to inform you that BEI has a new staff member in Mexico, Jannette Guevara, who will be our Assistant Field Coordinator. This is such a blessing to BEI, enabling us to meet the needs of more students, especially during the

pandemic. As you may know, we recently opened a facility (The BEI Center) where children from the community who don’t have electricity and internet can come do their homework with us. The BEI Center has had a very positive impact during the pandemic. More and more children come each week to use the services and facilities.

Jannette will be the BEI Center manager, ensuring that each child receives adequate care and help to continue their studies.

Jannette's addition to our staff has been a great blessing, as she shows compassion and love for each of our students. We are happy to have her in Mexico to follow up and support our scholarship students.

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