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IT Business donates computers to BajaEd

Updated: May 3

IT Business donates computers to BajaEd

Empowered IT Solutions donates equipment to provide computer classes.

In a world where technology is crucial for society’s lifestyle, providing technological education for our students and community is in our best interest. The latter is a task that requires equipment and teachers. How do you provide a computer class without computers? With a little help from our friends.

Empowered IT Solutions - - provides technical support services to computer networks in the United States and Mexico. Their services include cybersecurity solutions and IT services. They showed interest in supporting our computer class program and donated equipment. They have ensured we can provide our students with the technological equipment they need to learn.

Our friends from Empowered IT Solutions share our dream to educate disadvantaged people in our community. The educational gap gets wider when it comes to technology. Access to computers and cellphones -not to mention the internet- is almost impossible for families in our community struggling to make ends meet. Choosing between having a cell phone or feeding your family has never been a dilemma. To stay alive is a priority when comparing it to having access to YouTube videos.

Knowing the context our scholars live in, it is crucial to create opportunities for them. It is critical to break the educational gap they lived because of life detours. And it is a major event when we meet partners who envision the same goals. Empower It Solutions heard of our dreams and decided to join us on this path. Their donations are already changing lives. Our students are getting free computer classes and learning skills that will help them improve their grades and, in the end, their lifestyle. 

We aimed to partner up with organizations and businesses to eradicate the educational gap in our community. Breaking the cycle of poverty, one student at a time.

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